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Journey to the Himalayas: A *Delayed* Update

Hey all! A little *delayed* update on my trip...
My original plan (check out my first blog post on my trip) when heading to the Himalayas was to update everyone on each Sunday with all that I had done for the week. Right?
My professors and teachers say, "India teaches you that nothing may go right and that you need to go with the flow."
And let me tell you: it's true.
Here's the story of my first month in India. I will also be making posts on the individual trips I did, as well. Once those posts are finished, I'll link them at the bottom.

Lesson #1 from India: I am very much okay with long trips.

The rumors are true: the flight to India is LONG. But, it's actually very much okay with me. Since almost exactly one month ago, I was a passenger on:

(1) A 13 hour plane ride,
(2) Two 6-7 hour train rides [we will make that 3 train rides after I leave for a trip tomorrow],
and (3) several hour bus/car rides [ranging from 2-12 hours].
Honestly? It wasn't bad. I cheris…

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